HELP (for my sisters)

(Take a breath, and read this slowly)

Close your eyes,
Hear your breath,
Feel your heart,
In your chest,
Count the beats,
One by one,
Now the calm,
Has begun,
Reach inside,
A girl is there,
Help her up,
Stroke her hair,
Take her hand,
Kiss her cheek,
That girl is you,
The You you seek,
Now be strong,
Just for her,
Guide her way,
And be sure,
Show her love,
Kiss her face,
All will fall,
Into place,
When she is calm,
So will you be,
That inner peace,
Will set you free,
You’ll feel warmth,
And love and care,
Let your life’s choices,
Flow from there.

  1. I like this, Ken. Your loving advice and encouragement to your sisters is wonderful. I percieve the underlying message is that we must love ourselves before we can love others.

    • blitzken said:

      Thanks Charles! That is indeed the message, to reach inside and be good to our own inner child.

  2. Thank you. I needed to read this today and the reminder.

    • You’re welcome. I believe one of my sisters keeps it posted on her office wall. ;o)
      I really loved your “Remember when” poem for the Passionate Nights prompt. Very moving…..

  3. deeju said:

    wow! that was breathtaking blitzken!

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