The What-ifs & The Could-bes

The What-ifs and the Could-bes,
God the battles can be epic,
Jeopardizing everything,
If you’re not careful and let it,
Problem is the What-ifs can be
Ever so relentless,
With weapons such as doubt and fear,
They leave one near defenseless,
“What if we’re wrong, what if it’s bad,
What if we never make it?
What if we’ve got a friendship and
then n the end we break it?”
Truth is that the Could-bes
give one so much more to win!
With just a little bit of help,
They rise above the din,
The Could-bes could be everything,
You ever thought they’d be,
The Could-bes think outside the box,
With love plus creativity,
The Could-bes can be patient,
With the bumps along the curve,
Keeping eyes upon the prize,
Because that’s what we deserve,
So stand up to the What-ifs,
Make a claim and stake it,
For what-if there’s a chance for love,
And we’re too afraid to take it.

  1. I’ve tried a lot of could bes and took a chance on the what ifs and some worked out OK and some didn’t – at least i won’t die wondering. Good poem.

    • blitzken said:

      Quite so. No would haves, could haves, shoudl haves.

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