Monthly Archives: August 2011

Let me be your shadow when the night falls,
Creeping through your subconscious as it calls,
From its deepest place and its dark desire,
I can reach that spark, I can build a fire,
Softly enveloping each part of you,
Revealing things that not even you knew,
Unraveling each of your mysteries,
Your animal self, your Divinities,
Unleashing The You, you knew could be there,
The You locked inside The You when you dare,
Brick by brick we can both tear down your walls,
Let me be your shadow when the night falls.


(Take a breath, and read this slowly)

Close your eyes,
Hear your breath,
Feel your heart,
In your chest,
Count the beats,
One by one,
Now the calm,
Has begun,
Reach inside,
A girl is there,
Help her up,
Stroke her hair,
Take her hand,
Kiss her cheek,
That girl is you,
The You you seek,
Now be strong,
Just for her,
Guide her way,
And be sure,
Show her love,
Kiss her face,
All will fall,
Into place,
When she is calm,
So will you be,
That inner peace,
Will set you free,
You’ll feel warmth,
And love and care,
Let your life’s choices,
Flow from there.

The What-ifs and the Could-bes,
God the battles can be epic,
Jeopardizing everything,
If you’re not careful and let it,
Problem is the What-ifs can be
Ever so relentless,
With weapons such as doubt and fear,
They leave one near defenseless,
“What if we’re wrong, what if it’s bad,
What if we never make it?
What if we’ve got a friendship and
then n the end we break it?”
Truth is that the Could-bes
give one so much more to win!
With just a little bit of help,
They rise above the din,
The Could-bes could be everything,
You ever thought they’d be,
The Could-bes think outside the box,
With love plus creativity,
The Could-bes can be patient,
With the bumps along the curve,
Keeping eyes upon the prize,
Because that’s what we deserve,
So stand up to the What-ifs,
Make a claim and stake it,
For what-if there’s a chance for love,
And we’re too afraid to take it.