Old Fish, New Fish

Old fish, new fish,
Sometimes blue fish,
This one is passive-agressivish,
Makes you think it wants to stay,
But nips your heels anyway,
No, no!
This will never do fish!
No need to even think this throughish.
I don't want that sort of play fish,
So I'm sending you awayish,
Sorry if it makes you bluish,
But out with old fish,
In with new fish.
  1. Welcome. You’ve got a cute one to start. A poet and a musician is a good combination. Plus you started writing in your blog on my birthday in May!

    • Thanks! Most of my writing is on http://www.randommisanthrope.com I posted this one here to sort of keep it a little off to the side for personal reasons, haha. 😉
      The link to the piece I submitted will take you there.

    • Haha, I only have this piece here, because I had no place else I wanted to put it. I should start a secret stash though. A place for stuff completely unhindered.

  2. M.A.S said:

    That was clever and fun.

  3. Cute! But still poignant. I am very much enjoying the simplicity with which you write.

    • blitzken said:

      Thanks! Rest assured though, I have my complicated moments as well. 😉

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